“Quenching the Fiery Darts of the Wicked”

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Animal Magnetism Handled

Animal magnetism is a lie of belief without a believer.

I know what you claim, but I am not afraid of you or any suggestions that you offer. You are neither person, place, nor thing. You have no power, presence or person­ality. You cannot reach me, nor influence me through envy, hate, fear or error of any name or nature.

The deceiving power of the universal thought or law is rendered null and void by the law of divine Intelligence, which is absolutely the only law and power. Animal mag­netism cannot present itself to me in the guise of conta­gion, lack of time, lack of patience, lack of funds or any other lack, materially or spiritually or physically, for God is the source of all supply, and this supply is never limit­ed.

I am not bound by any deceiving personality. I am not restricted in thought, capability or work. Error, animal magnetism, has no power to misrepresent me nor hinder my advancement in any way.

Envy, dislike, pride, hypocrisy, lust, self-will, self-justi­fication, self-pity or self-love have no power or place in me. The claims of sickness, nervousness, or weak back, contraction or poor circulation, are unreal and have no power or place in me.

Life, Truth, and Love are laws of annihilation to any­ thing unlike God. I am spiritual; for I am the image and likeness of God, Spirit, and reflect all that is pure, upright, and true.

The acceptance of material body as personality apart from Mind is but the engine of mental malpractice and does only mental malpractice’s work. Let the divine Mind illuminate and abolish mental malpractice until there is not a dark corner; then we shall know that neither food, climate nor any seeming condition can affect the body in anyway; for there is but one cause, God, Good. God is the only doer, the only actor, and the only Saviour, the only governor of man. There is no confusion in Truth.

Malicious animal magnetism cannot separate me from my best and greatest good nor limit my supply in any way. It cannot touch me with any claim of poverty in myself or in any one else. Spirit is my unlimited source of supply. I am not dependent on any personality for my needs. Malicious animal magnetism cannot hide my work from me nor make me feel failure or lack. God gives to each and every one of His children abundantly all they need, and the supply is not, cannot be hidden at any time by mental malpractice, law or claim, for all the claims of mental malpractice are false and have no real existence; they are destroyed by Truth. I am born free, not in bondage to anything nor any one, for divine Principle leads me.

There is no power in anger, ill temper, scorn or con­tempt. There is no power in prejudice or superstition. There is no power in selfishness, envy, jealousy, pride, hate, malice or revenge. I am a law against all that is false and foolish and I declare the influence of all such pas­sions null and void in me. I declare all such passions pow­erless to harm any one. I deny the reality of matter, because God is the only power, the only Substance. God is Spirit. I deny th at the appearance that we call matter has any life, substance or intelligence, because God is the only Life and Intelligence, and God is Spirit. Only the good is true. Only the good has power. God is my health. God is my strength. God is my wisdom. God is my life. God never made me sick and sinful. God is the only cre­ator and He did not make sickness, sin and death; it was never made and is not here. The belief of sickness is an untruth, brought on by animal magnetism, — universal false belief.

I am not subject to the laws of mortal belief in sick­ness, sin, and death, and the belief lasts only while I believe in the power of matter. Fear of sickness has not affected me. The many and manifold lies of mental mal­practice have not affected me; for I deny that heredity in the above beliefs has caused disease to be imaged in me, for the reason that God, Good, immortal Spirit, divine Mind, is the only Power. I deny that I am sick or suffering, or that I am denied any manifestations of Good. I affirm that I am well, strong, happy and successful, mind’s idea, a prince of the King of the Universe and an heir of God, perfect and strong in every way; brave and happy. God is All, my health, my mind, courage, intelligence, under­ standing, my everything. All there is in me or of me is per­fect and harmonious, and I was always so. God is my Life, God is Love, and I fear no one. “Perfect love casteth out fear.” All we need to do, to remain in perfect health and harmony, is to learn to pray aright and never forget our rightful heritage as the Prince of the King of the Universe.

I am “hid with Christ in God” where no mortal sense can find me and where no mortal belief can reach me. Mind sustains man in God. I am renewed daily in the image and likeness of God and cannot lose one faculty which expresses my divinity. I am free from false beliefs that have claimed to hold me in bondage. I am free. There is but one Substance, one Power, one Intelligence, one Life, one Love, which is the one God of the universe, who is Spirit, the all Good which fills all space and is omnipresent. I am the child of God, made in His image and likeness. I live, move and have my being in Mind. I am spiritual and cannot be sick, sinful and suffering, and no evil can come to me.

I deny the reality of sickness, of sin, of suffering, and of error, of loneliness. I deny the power of evil in every guise. I deny the false beliefs entertained in sickness and ner­vousness, in misfortune, poverty or discouragement, or fear or doubt or foolishness. There is no law to hold me in bondage to lust and sensuality of any kind or degree; deceitfulness, treachery or hypocrisy are powerless to affect me. Error is powerless and mindless; therefore it must be speechless, and cannot make me an avenue or channel through which any discord can be expressed, for there is no reality in evil and it cannot voice itself to me or about me, or use me to voice itself. I will not be the instru­ment to be used by the devil to express error of any kind.

God is all abundance. There is no good or quality in hypnotism, mesmerism, self or foreign, ignorant or mali­cious, theological or medicinal, that can have any power over me morally, mentally, physically or financially.

There is only one Mind in or near me, and there is no personality in the kingdom of God; hence error has no power to enforce or inject into my thought any mental poison, or set in motion any law or action, that can inter­fere with Truth and Truth’s demonstration anywhere within the radius of my thought.

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