Some “Wiles Of The Devil”


How to Circumvent Them (excerpts)

Knowing the Truth is treatment. We must break the law of relapse and return of old beliefs. Be exact, expansive, progressive and go ahead. Don’t be fifty or sixty years breaking the claim of false laws. Be correct in every word. Incorrect work has been known to result disastrously. True thinking does the work, and all thought externalizes itself. All that mortal mind can do is to believe, and all its believing is a lie. …

Sometimes a personality will parade before us and lead us to a blind attack; and then we find that anger, wrath, malice, evil speaking and revenge have entered like foes in the rear and have stolen from us our good, and have deprived us of the daily bread of Love on which we might feed, could we have seen where was the real danger; and that, for the Scientist, is not where the clamor or threatened attack seems to be made, or where the obtrusive personality is seen, but, rather, is detected as aggressive mental suggestions relative to person, place or thing, which come for adoption from without, but which seem to arise within the heart. The adoption of such evil suggestions as one’s own thought and feeling defile a man or woman and tend to promote hell rather than heaven. …

Communion with God is treatment. To make one’s self at one with the Father through communion with God is prayer. Then handle error carefully in all its forms. …

Do not believe pain and handle animal magnetism, but uncover animal magnetism and handle it. Hatred is hatred; no matter whether it manifests pain in the head or foot, it is just hatred. We need to make haste to overcome hatred and all claims that go with it. It is the millinery of evil. Our lives are trimmed with it. Pray every morning for the unspeakable blessing of being delivered from hatred.

All things are mine. I reflect the allness of infinity. I reflect the abundance and supply of all good. There is no law, belief or circumstance or fate that can separate us from the allness of God. There is no law of malpractice that can interfere with my welfare, my possessions, my family or my business, for God alone governs.

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