The Great Gift of God


Christian Science is revealed to us, and we are studying it for the purpose of accomplishing for ourselves and all mankind righteous dominion over materiality, a more satisfactory existence, more complete salvation from sin, sickness, poverty, and death, greater happiness and strength, wisdom and courage. It is the true realization of the brotherhood of man, and man’s relation to God. We learn that doing good sustains life. Our natural, rightful and inevitable heritage is satisfaction, when we awake in His likeness.

Christian Science opens up to us greater possibilities, takes off mortal limitations, breaks mortal laws and shows to us that men’s true relation to God provides for every need and includes all that is good; and we can accomplish this through better living, whereby we learn the Science of Life, Truth and Love.

Christian Science is provable and is being wonderfully demonstrated by Christians Scientists, but we ought to do much better in every sphere of our work. Christian Science is absolutely attested Truth.

Suggestions of slowness of growth and questions of “Why?” come to all of us, but looking back we can see some gain from last month or last year in calmness, in sureness and better satisfaction. We must be grateful all the way that Intelligence has been with us helping us.

In order that we may get our anchorage, we must know that every treatment we give is profitable and is helping us along. Our source is inexhaustible. In God we have an abundance that never changes. All good is eternal and ever-present. Everything that man needs is already accomplished. Life always was, and is, joyous. Our salvation is assured and accomplished.

We find God ever present, Good ever present, Life ever present. We know the Science of Being, — the oneness of God and man, Mind and consciousness, Soul and body. Nothing can ever dim our perception of it or disqualify us from demonstrating it, for man is the understanding of divine Science and I am that man. The foundation of Science is one supreme God, tangible, real, good, intelligence, power, action, substance, the only Creator and law-giver. When we turn for power from matter to Spirit, we move mountains, surmount all obstacles, achieve success, and overcome fear.

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