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The Law of Success


Why is it that some businessmen never fail; or, if they fail, always come out on top? Because they become a law to the belief of their own success; because they put into the scale of being that which is efficacious. Take, for example, a man who is out of work and wants a situation. What is situation? Why, it is, first of all, the conviction on the part of somebody that he needs a worker and wants to employ someone; next, it is his conclusion that he will do so; and lastly, it is his decision that he will employ you, if you please. Now that is the situation – all mental. The whole matter of situation exists at the standpoint of supply and demand, which scientifically understood, are one and the same in the mind of the employer and employee. Now, suppose you spend all your time being afraid that you will not get the situation. Have you the slightest idea of what you are doing? Do you know what you do to your situation when you spend your time being afraid you will not get it? You scare it off; positively, you are doing that which will mesmerize it away from you. Now, take the man who is buoyant, expectant, whose very attitude is law. What does he do? He does not spend time being afraid. No; he knows he will get something, and that becomes a law of success both to the employer and employee.

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