The Needlessness of Fear


Christian Science declares, that all that is included in the divine nature means health and life as the normal state of man, and that all of the actual law of Being supports this scientific postulate.

The important service that I desire to render you at this moment is this:

You do not need to be afraid of thousands of things that you have been afraid of.

You do not need to be afraid of matter or of any so-called material law of disease, or that the symptoms of disease can dominate you.

You do not need to be afraid of what you eat; of overwork; of draughts of air or loss of sleep.

You do not need to be afraid of insanity or nervous prostration, or of a broken constitution, simply because you have an active mentality, and think much and constantly about business or the affairs of your life. These and many other calamities are inflicted upon people, not because of law or necessity, but contrary to it, and are the result of the action of human beliefs and fears.

Fear is largely projected by the patent medicine advertisements, and their alarming display of what are called fatal symptoms; and the ordinary conversation of people is equally bad, as well as the hopeless diagnosis of the doctor and its death sentence. Imagine the vast relief that mankind will experience when they learn that all diseases are curable.

Nearly two millions of instances of healing through Christian Science have been based on the scientific fact and attest its verity, and these instances include the healing of diseases that have never been known to be healed by any other means since the world began.

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