There is No Law Against You

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There is another important thing that everybody has got to know. I will put it more agreeably — that everybody may know, and that as soon as he does know it he will find himself a happier man. It is this, upon the subject of law, — that all that means primary law, all that means divine law, all that means divine provision for you, means for you life, it means health for you, it means harmony, it means the overcoming of evil. It means dominion over all that would beset you, and torment or molest you or hurt you. There is no law against you. If you mourn, if you have been cast down because of disease, know this: there positively is no law against you; and moreover, know this still further that you are entitled to enforce the law of your own life; you are entitled to enforce the law of your own health, of your own prosperity. You can do it. It is within the confines, within the divine provision concerning your very life, your daily needs. Be not afraid. You may be a law unto yourself, a law to your recovery from disease, a law to your business, a law of harmony to your welfare and your own household, and all things of your life, because God gave man dominion and you are entitled to it. In this very hour, you are entitled to be a law of recovery to your own self.

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