What Is Law?


Everything that is, is because of God; and that which created the universe is its law. The law of God concerning you is the law of Life to you all the time, the law of health, the law of strength, the law of enduring and continuing faculties, the law of your prosperity, your achievement, the law of your dominion; and there is no other law whatever in the universe. This is the only law there is, and there is no divine or natural law against you.

If you are sick, it is not because of law, but because of belief, ignorance, superstition and fear. God has not provided for your illness; there is no law that provides for it or procures it. There is a fable that, many years ago, a plague visited the city of Baghdad, and as a result ten thousand people died. Someone met the plague outside of Baghdad and reproached it for killing so many people. The plague answers, “You wrong me. I killed only one, and fear killed all the rest.”

Operative Christian Science is the enforcement of law. Christian Science means the annulment of the so-called law of disease. Whenever a Christian Scientist heals a case, he does so by smashing a so-called law. Every demonstration of healing proves that disease is illegitimate and abnormal, and that the so-called laws governing it are abnormalities, having no intelligence, no right to exist, and no power of continuance.

There is no law that can bind you or bind upon you any hereditary disease. You may give up the belief now and forever that you are under the doom of any such law. God never provided for any such law. Declare in the name of Christ that you are under no ban, that you are healed, because you no longer need to be afraid of it, nor believe in it, nor expect it to master you. Be not afraid. You do not have to be afraid of anything. The law of being to you means dominion; and when you begin to exercise it, you will find that you have larger equipment.

The foundation of being is God and a divinely provided life for man and an eternal law for his life, health and prosperity. Christ has abolished and always will abolish the so-called law of sin, disease, and death. You could not get away from the fundamental law of recovery to you if you tried. You only need to know that God’s work is done, and that every provision necessary for your recovery has been made long ago, and that you are to stop believing something else.

A mortal cannot die out of the belief that body is material. He has got to live out of it. There is no way out of the belief of death, but to live!

Nothing is annihilated. The sense of things is transformed. The elements of mortal belief are gradually displaced by spiritual ideas, and so things are not destroyed, but seen aright — found to be spiritual, not material.

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