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World Must Discover that Hope Is in God Only


This world has for ages turned in vain to matter and materialistic philosophy for deliverance from its woes, and in disregard of its own declaration that God, Spirit, or Omniscience is all power, and regardless, too, of the fact that the divine Mind alone can govern man aright, can alone wipe away tears and heal all of the diseases of the nation.

The profundity of Mrs. Eddy’s announcement that the only hope of humanity lies in the direction of Mind has been recognized slowly; but, in spite of all reluctance and dimness of spiritual discernment, the world must awaken to that discovery. In the future the only march of actual progress will be in the mental realm, and this progress will not be in the way of human speculation and theorizing, but in the actual understanding and demonstration of the Mind that is infinite God, Good.

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