A Spontaneous Expression of Love

From Mary Baker Eddy, Her Spiritual Precepts, by Gilbert Carpenter,
from the commentary on Mrs. Eddy’s letter dated March 30, 1899

Surely if one finds himself disliking to sit down and do a half hour of mental work for the Cause, seeking to think with God and to relate, in his thought, God’s children to their heavenly parent in a scientific, healing way, that student should know that something is wrong. He should recognize that error is striving to make him believe an impossible supposition, namely, that one can be wearied in thinking God’s thoughts. If such a proposition were true, then those who gain heaven, are destined to be the weariest people possible, since the whole of heaven is embraced in the maintenance of spiritual thought.

When this false argument of work in regard to right thinking is handled, one will find complete rest and great joy in thinking with God. It brings a wonderful uplift and illumination to think God’s thoughts after Him! Back of the failure of students to do more mental work for the Field, is an induced disinclination, part of which is the suggestion that it is too much labor. When this is handled, one’s mental work becomes a spontaneous expression of love, and no longer seems like work.

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