Demonstrating Christian Science


It was one of Mrs. Eddy’s customs to assign tasks to people, and then expect them to be finished in a certain length of time, usually a period that the human mind would judge so inadequate that it would seem impossible to complete the task in the given period. In this way, she forced students to rely on God in order to fulfill the demand.

Mrs. Eddy had little patience with those in her home who attempted to help her from a human standpoint. The speed and exactness which she required, forced the student to use demonstration, where otherwise they might have relied on human ability. Mrs. Eddy’s entire career was based on demonstration.

Mrs. Eddy also recognized that these good things would flood in only through the development of the students’ spiritual sense. How was she to develop this power of reflection in her students, unless she gave them problems which were unsolvable from a human standpoint? It is through the humanly unsolvable problem that man is forced to turn to demonstration, and to the development of spiritual sense.

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