Human Intellect


All through the ages, there is one thing which man will fight against giving up when the call comes — that is his developed human opinion. For this reason, the most important demand of Christian Science is for man to yield his stubborn will to God.

It is always an interesting commentary on human nature to see the stubborn resistance of those who would be benefited most to modern methods for eliminating drudgery! Yet this resistance hardly compares to the inflexibility Christian Science encounters, when it declares the educated beliefs and opinions of the developed human intellect to be worthless from the spiritual standpoint — in an effort to persuade the individual to relinquish them in favor of the divine Mind.

Not since the days of the Master has the world seen such a notable example of Jesus’ statement, “Not my will, but Thine be done,” as in Mary Baker Eddy. This was Jesus’ war-cry, his object of attainment, and Mrs. Eddy made it hers. She would reach a decision; but if the recognition came that what she had declared differed from a higher glimpse of the divine will, how selfless she was, and devoid of pride, in her willingness to relinquish it in order to voice the will of God!

One of the chief requirements of reflecting the divine Mind is that man acknowledge the divine Mind which he reflects as supreme, and himself as nothing, in line with Jesus’ statement, “I can of mine own self do nothing.”

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