No Room for Evil


Watch lest you conceive of animal magnetism as a power or danger from outside, rather than as the subtle suggestion that writes its message with unseen fingers on the inner tablet of your consciousness, as illustrated by the handwriting that appeared on the wall in Daniel 5th chapter.

It is true that the fundamental false belief comes to us from outside, but it appears in our thinking as our own thoughts. When we accept it, it is expressed in our lives. So error first comes from the outside to the inside; then if it is accepted, it goes from the inside to the outside.

In the Christian Science Journal for August, 1912, Mrs. Eddy is quoted in an article as having said, “Error comes to you for life and you give it all the life it has.” Mortal man is deceived because the hypnotic process whereby erroneous belief penetrates his consciousness and poses as his own impulses, is hidden from his knowledge.

Watch lest you believe that the entire remedy for animal magnetism is to fight and cast out these mental suggestions, that seem to be written on the inner wall of thought. The man in the Bible who swept and garnished his house after he had cast out the devil, had a return visit from Satan with seven friends! Why? Because he believed he had room in his mental house which the devil had once occupied.

Man must realize that, because he is God’s perfect child, he has no room reserved for evil, and never has had. He must know that he is not receptive to erroneous suggestions; that he has no such capacity, and never could have; that no subtlety of evil can render his thought receptive to anything but the ever present thoughts of God, since there are no evil suggestions. In this way he drives out the wasps and then burns their nest. Then they have nothing to come back to.

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