The Power of Prayer


At Pleasant View, I learned for the first time what it meant to live in a demonstrated atmosphere maintained by our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy.

After I had been at Pleasant View for about ten days, the thought struck me, what shall I do if I become ill? I opened my thought to God for guidance on this point. First I visualized a small brook running down a mountain, gathering impurities on its way. The stream remains sweet and pure until it becomes dammed, and then impurities collect. The dam must be broken, so this unhealthy condition may be eliminated and the purity restored.

The lesson was clear to me. As man gains a knowledge of Truth, he becomes a channel through which the unbroken power of infinite good flows out.

When, however, man turns his thought in to himself, he experiences a belief of interruption of this divine power, and problems result.

Remembering the above revelation, I resolved to test it out. The first time I fell ill at Pleasant View, I sat down by the window and let my thought go out in prayer to all the sufferers in the world in hospitals; in sick rooms; those condemned as incurable; those who didn’t know of the presence of God to heal them; that even though they didn’t know it, they do have a heavenly Father who is the great Physician, who “healeth all thy diseases.” I let my thought go out to all who needed God, realizing that God is All-Presence, All-Power, and Love.

When I returned from this mental journey, I found myself well. Through this prayer, I restored my thought to being a channel for good, and eliminated the ill-effects which were evidence of an in-turned thought.

During the year I was at Pleasant View, this divine method, which I believe was God-inspired, never failed me.

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