The Privilege of Going to Pleasant View

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There are those who contend that, when Pleasant View, as Mrs. Eddy’s earthly home, ceased to be her platform of scientific activity because she had left our midst, the watches which she issued to students should have been likewise destroyed, since they were adapted solely for use at the time she issued them. But if Pleasant View is thought of as a state of consciousness, where one strives to use every activity of daily life as an opportunity to establish divine Mind as his only Mind, then it is correct to say, that eventually every follower of Mrs. Eddy must go to Pleasant View, as part of his endeavor to escape sense testimony and find eternal reality and harmony.

If Mrs. Eddy was helping the students in her home to attain a state of consciousness where God is recognized as supreme, by giving them these daily watches to work with, what is to prevent present-day students from a similar effort, namely, to strive to fulfill the mental requirements she placed on those who came to live with her as mental workers? And are not those who had the privilege of going to Pleasant View, and learning what these requirements were from her own lips, obligated to unfold them in such a way, that future generations may learn the same lessons and, if faithful, receive the same blessings?

Mrs. Eddy’s earthly home, called Pleasant View, or Chestnut Hill, is not important to students today, but her sense of home that she established is, namely, a place where one seeks to establish divine Mind as supreme in all that he does, even in the most commonplace and menial tasks, and to continue this effort, until he has made divine Mind his permanent Mind, and all belief in a so-called human mind has been ruled out. A student who seeks to fulfill this purpose may declare that he has been to Pleasant View, in proportion as he fulfills the purposes of Pleasant View. By seeking to do everything from the standpoint of divine Mind, he makes his own home a Pleasant View, and if using Mrs. Eddy’s Watches will help him in this direction, he should have them and use them eagerly every day. What can be more helpful to the student who is ready for the privilege, than to learn from Mrs. Eddy’s Watches, how to occupy his time?

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