The Truth About the Lie


It is possible for students to learn the letter and theory of Christian Science, and then to make scientific statements which they have not proved. This condition was illustrated by the student who presented herself before Mrs. Eddy one morning with the symptoms of a severe cold. Mrs. Eddy inquired how she felt and received the response, “I am all right.” Mrs. Eddy’s reproof still rings in my ears as such a needful and enlightening point for every Christian Scientist to know. It is, “Tell the truth about the lie.” Had she completed instructing this student she might have said, “When I have such symptoms, I do not say I have no cold until I know it, and when I know it, the demonstration is made.”

This statement, “Tell the truth about the lie” has stayed with me as the most helpful thing she said. It has adjusted my thought to the point of being able to maintain a classification of thoughts and statements in Christian Science, so that I put everything under two heads — either as being the truth about the lie, or the truth about Truth.

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