To be an alert Christian Scientist is not easy. It requires the same quality of earnestness and sacrifice which success in any line of work demands.

In Christian Science moral as well as physical courage is requisite. Science and Health says, “It requires courage to utter truth.” At times it also requires tremendous so-called physical courage to meet the lies of material sense when it declares pain, suffering and anguish to be real and true. But every Christian Scientist has learned with joy that, when he stands unflinchingly on what he knows is true, the reward is great. He also knows that sooner or later every question must be settled on the side of right, and that regardless of the degree of moral and physical courage required, the present tests do not become lighter to the one who puts off doing the thing he knows is right. The old saying, “Procrastination is the thief of time” is truer perhaps in the practice and demonstration of Christian Science than in any other activity.

Duty postponed does not thereby become easier, but the reverse, for usually a conscience-stricken sense of unrest torments when work is left undone.

Christian Science insists upon doing to-day, the work of to-day, and understanding what that work is, and because of the allness of Mind, finds abundant time for its accomplishment.

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