Asserting What Is True


You cannot play with your understanding of Christian Science. The time for trifling has passed. No wonder Mrs. Eddy is reported to have said to a friend, “This hour is the acme of hate against Love, and Love alone can meet it.” Are you willing to allow your world to fall into destruction? Or are you going to settle the question instantly and declare, “This testimony halts right here. My thinking stays on one side and one side only, the side of God.” Then remember, “To affirm anything is to assert its possibility,” and that when you affirm that which is true, although human reasoning and sight may say it is not true at all, you will bring it to pass. Why? Because it is already the fact.

Do you believe that? If you do not, why do you say, “I am a Christian Scientist and I believe Mind is All-in-all”? Are you afraid to trust Mind or to use your own authority, afraid to stand and declare on the side of Mind, and believe with your whole being what you affirm?

This continual argument of “sin” has nothing to do with you. It is something entirely apart from you. It is the voice of evil, trying to make you bear false witness. Are you going to counteract this argument with Truth and claim, as Mrs. Eddy points out in Miscellaneous Writings, “full exemption from all necessity to obey a power that should be and is found powerless in Christian Science”?

What you have accomplished up to now is only a beginning. You must continually enlighten yourself on the whole subject. Like Mrs. Eddy, let nothing prevent your fighting, not only “forty years,” but until all malicious mesmerism vanishes under the light of understanding. If you, like Mrs. Eddy, have to cross the Red Sea, step bravely forward, and it will divide as of old, and you will go through on dry land, rejoicing every step of the way.

You do not have to uncover evil in one sense of the word. It is uncovered. Science and Health states, “Truth is revealed. It needs only to be practised.” But if you go on accepting these arguments of malicious mind, thinking that they are your own thought, you are powerless to cope with them. Assert the power of Mind, this Mind that is God, this Mind that is your Mind, and begin to feel that you can see as already brought to pass whatever is true. Evil argues persistently and vigorously. You cannot be less persistent or less vigorous.

Why have we not awakened long before now to what is confronting us, this one evil with its dogged insistence challenging our every act? It makes no difference whether it is a question of closing a deal in business, or healing a case of disease. That deal or that case would be spontaneously finished the moment it presented itself, were it not for this insistent claim which dares, in belief, to intervene and say to you that the presence of Truth can be reversed, delayed, defeated.

“This absolute demonstration of Science must be revived.” If you are not healing, not seeing and feeling God as All-in-all, get immediately into your “closet,” and there alone with Mind, ask what is stopping you, and arouse yourself to resist this hidden mental foe which declares you do not understand God.

That which is real, that which is true, is not in the process of coming; it is already here. That applies not only to health, but to the fulfillment of all good, regardless of the need or the occasion. The answer is here, present every moment. Reject with insistence the perpetual lying insistence of evil. You are not afraid to use the will of God. As the man of God, the voice of God, you declare, “Here I stand, and evil has no power.”

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