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Blind Acceptance Inadequate, an excerpt


The average mortal, Christian or pagan, acknowledges in his own way, that there is a supreme something which he calls God. The Christian, if asked, would probably answer at once, “Of course there is a God.”

In times of stress, however, when the opposite of that which he means by God, good, presents itself as real, he has no means of combating the apparent reality of evil, because he does not understand why God is: hence he falters, and too often falls a victim to evil in one of its various forms, whether it be limitation, sickness, sin or death.

A mere sense of or belief in God is really of no permanent help or value. When most needed, it does not stand the test. A blind acceptance of God will never completely satisfy. Reason must be satisfied in order to bring the certain knowledge that there is God. Because mathematicians have proved the laws governing numbers, this does not prove them for you. It does, however, beckon you on to prove them for yourself.

The mathematician’s understanding is not yours, until you yourself understand mathematics. Thus, in like manner, you must also settle each point in Christian Science for yourself.

You must arrive at the point where it would make no difference to you if there were not another Christian Scientist in the world. You must so understand Christian Science, and its truth must be so vital to you that you would be satisfied to be the only Christian Scientist, if that were necessary. …

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