From Christian Science, Its Clear, Correct Teaching by , pages 310-311

Epidemic is a disease in itself.

It illustrates how wholly mental disease is.

The epidemic of influenza during the closing days of the World War spread to places where no possible contagion by physical contact could be traced.

Epidemic is fear-contagion.

Is not fear-contagion purely mental suggestion in its impersonal sense?

A claim of epidemic is handled in exactly the same way in which you would release the victim of a hypnotist.

In the latter case, you would not deal with a wrong thing. Your attention would be devoted to destroying the belief that there is malicious mind to control or govern.

Knowing that God is the one Mind, that He is all the Mind there is, you cannot be duped into attempting to deal with another mind.

This realization would break the claim of hypnotism and free the victim.

An epidemic is dealt with in exactly the same way.

Fear, contagious belief, is both the hypnotist and the hypnotism.

It is not contact, nor any form of matter, that has to be destroyed for the claim is purely mental suggestion–in other words, hypnotism.

Do not be deceived into arguing down any of the various symptoms, as in an ordinary case of sickness; contagion has none, in that sense. Epidemic is pure hypnotic contagion; it is fear, not physical contact.

Symptoms have no more to do with contagion than have the motions of the hypnotized victim’s arms and legs, in swimming on dry boards under the influence of the hypnotist, anything to do with the real claim.

The man is not in water, and therefore is not really swimming. Nor do you think he is; so you do not consider either swimming or water.

You handle hypnotism.

You do the same with epidemic and destroy it through the realization of God as the one and only Mind.

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