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Ever-Active Peace


To be unselfed means never to harbor a thought which starts from effect.

It is our work to vigorously prove that God is Love. Darkness would take the place of light and the world would sink back into blackness if we become indolent and imagine that all we have to do is to listen for God’s voice. We need to be that voice. We cannot rest.

Malicious argument is always trying to lull us to sleep. Cast out the siren of indolent peace, and demand that your peace be a conscious, ever-active peace. To be deceived with a ghastly pretense of peace is but the effect of the poisonous soporific fumes of malicious suggestion.

As genuine Christian Scientists, let us not be deceived by subtle platitudes clothed in words of gentleness and peace, which are so alluring as to endanger the unsuspecting.

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