Excerpts From “The Law Of Reversal”


There is only one law of reversal, God’s law, the law that by virtue of its own infinite goodness, is the spontaneous destruction or reversal of everything unlike good. Mesmerism operates to make the Christian Scientist, when he uses the term “law of reversal” immediately associate it with evil. If he does this he is incapable of understanding this law.

However, no claim of law is nearer to the heart of evil, or is more necessary, in belief, for its maintenance than the perverted sense of the law of reversal, which is evil’s very being. The human mind, through being the negation or suppositional opposite of the divine Mind, is the reverse of all that the divine Mind is. Therefore, the law of reversal operates as the supposed law of the action of the human mind. As progress is the law of God, so reversal is the action of evil.

By the fraudulent use of the law of reversal, evil automatically endeavors to reverse the thought put forward by the Christian Scientist in denying evil. It changes this into an affirmation for evil. By so doing it seeks to nullify the truthful statements which deny presence or power to evil, and, if not guarded against, it may seem to succeed in accomplishing its purpose.

But if the Scientist heeds Jesus’ statement, “A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another,” the whole process changes. Confronted with love and the statement that right where the evil seems to be there is the very presence of Love and the infinite power of Truth, malpractice must follow its own self-made law that the reverse of your statement is true; and, reversed, love becomes hatred and destruction and the law of torment to the evil itself. Thus the victory is won.

Then is not the remedy for every vicious argument of evil, love? The greater the love the more destructive it becomes to the claims of evil, verifying Mrs. Eddy’s statement in Mental Practice in Miscellaneous Writings: “Thus a mental malpractitioner may lose his power to harm by a false mental argument.”

Since the reverse of a lie is the truth, you can utilize this law of reversal so that every argument of evil to harm you will become a blessing because you know that the law of reversal operates to that very end. “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper” Isaiah said. Why? Because the law of reversal is God’s law whereby God is the spontaneous law of reversal to everything unlike Himself, to all evil.

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