The germ of goodness is the only germ, and this germ, in its infinity of variety, expresses God in all its ways. Malicious suggestion may call this germ a typhoid germ, a tubercular germ, a pneumonic germ, or any other kind. Just as it divides its sense of the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms into either harmless or dangerous species, so it classifies its sense of the germ kingdom into good germs and bad germs.

Did Daniel have two kinds of lions? Did Jesus have two kinds of water, one rough and the other smooth, one to be walked upon and the other to be drowned in?

There is one germ and one only. That is the germ of God, the germ of good, the germ that always works “together for good to them that love” good. Do you love this germ “with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength”? Or are you anxious to destroy it? Is this the germ that is always in heaven? It is. Because it is, it blesses you.

No hypnotic suggestion can deceive you into belief in any other germ. The one Mind, as the only Mind, is the law of total annihilation to any claim of a suppositious mind to hypnotically suggest a belief in a germ apart from the germ of God. There is no such mind.

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