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God’s Abundant Supply


There is a constant demand for all you have to give. That is the law of God. There can neither be a demand or supply of anything without both qualities of Mind being instantly present. Insist on this and you will have no fear whatever of lack. You are in the realm of Mind every instant. This is not the era of matter or of mental argument, but this is the final era of pure realization. Stay with this and find divine Love as embracing all in Its tender care. You are not outside of this all-embracing divine Love. Trust it and thank God that you know what you know of infinite Truth. Our hearts need to be full of thankfulness all the time, then as Mrs. Eddy so beautifully puts it, when thought “is lost in the eminence of Mind, the healing takes place.” Get into that eminence of Mind, that allness, that completeness of Mind and stay there and you will find your heart rejoicing.

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