Infection: What It Is And How It Operates

From “Factors involved in healing” in Christian Science it’s “Clear, Correct Teaching” by , page 213

Today every sort of ache or pain is attributed to some focal point of infection, operating as poison in the system.

The source of infection, whether called teeth, tonsils, intestines or some other part of the body, claims an individual history. It defines itself as a point of morbid chemical action, from which go forth disturbing influences.

Upon this hang all the arguments of related disease.

Do you accept or reject this theory?

You know that all that ever comes to you comes as consciousness, and is purely mental; hence you know that “so-called disease is a sensation of mind, not of matter.”

Your analysis of being turns you to Mind, God, in order to clear up the situation. You know that all that comes to you as consciousness must be Mind interpreting itself to you. There is no other source of conscious being.

Mind, being infinite, leaves no place where Mind is not, no place where morbid infection could arise, no place where it could be feared.

The truth is that by which the lie locates itself.

The lie always claims to be where the fact is, but Truth is ever a law of annihilation to the lie; it always precludes the negation.

Mind is eternal; so there never is a moment when a specific evil could begin to be true.

Substance implies actuality, indestructibility, reality, identity, truth.

Matter, appearing as morbid infection, declares itself destructive in action. But it is only the negation of substance, lacking in every quality of actuality, appearance or truth.

Having no matter substance, the claim has nothing whereby to identify itself as morbid infection; and, having no existence, it cannot be feared.

The so-called history of this disease-picture is simply a repetition of negatives, derived, by the law of opposites, from the infinity of Truth.

There is, in this sequence of misstatements, no inherent connection, continuity or intelligence; there is nothing in one statement which leads to the next.

It is utterly devoid of any law under which to operate as morbid infection.

Truth alone holds within itself the capacity, authority and right to act.

Truth, then, is the only law, and this law is always consciously operating, reassuring and comforting.

There is no morbid chemical action, for the one chemistry is Mind, transforming itself, and so being revealed as its own infinity of variety, its illimitable beauty of idea.

The activity of infinite Mind is the only chemistry. It precludes the possibility of the untrue, the negative, called morbid chemical action.

Infection is Mind imparting itself to its idea, imparting its very name and nature, infecting its own expression with life, purity and perfection.

This is the one and only infection, and it is in perfect agreement with the accepted definition of the word: “sympathetic communication of like qualities.”

Where morbid infection claims to be, there is the very presence of Mind imparting the infection of spirituality , “the beauty of holiness.”

Then the claim is not actually morbid infection, but rather a belief of morbid infection, which supposes that there is a malicious mind that can hypnotically suggest such a lying belief.

There is no such mind, for God is the only Mind.

This realization is the dispelling of the illusion.

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