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The Metaphysician’s Responsibility Is All-Inclusive


Are world affairs any different than bodily affairs? Have you been handling world affairs as though you had power over them, or have you been accepting as true everything that the daily newspapers and the various avenues of evil have presented to you? Whichever you have been doing determines how much of a Christian Scientist you really are. Each one must ask himself the question and answer it, and each one must take the responsibility of the world’s affairs as his own and not think that that is the business of someone else. “Am I my brother’s keeper?” is the question confronting each one every moment.

That which makes me my brother’s keeper, is my responsibility for whatever continues to appear as consciousness to me, and nothing can release me from that responsibility. “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.”

Let us ask ourselves again, Are the discordant conditions that appear in the world true, or are they, like every claim of sickness, just purely hypnotic suggestion? That is the question. If they are really world conditions, something apart from what is appearing to you as consciousness, you might as well fold your tent “like the Arabs, and as silently steal away,” because there is no possible way by which you can change a real condition.

The conditions appearing in the so-called world are under the government of understanding. “Immortal Mind, governing all, must be acknowledged as supreme in the physical realm, so-called, as well as in the spiritual.”

This “government” is not something apart from you. Is not your responsibility then inescapable? The world is your world, not something outside of you. It is right with you every moment and it is absolutely under the government of God.

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