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The Mirror of Mind


Looking out, as it were, you behold the universe, and this is like looking into a mirror. The image in the mirror is not the object in front of the mirror, it only shows forth the likeness of that object. Even so, that which you are conscious of, that which you are aware of, or see, is really not at all what it appears to be, persons, places or things. It is simply the showing forth of that which you accept as your Mind or consciousness. It seems to, and always must, appear as idea, for that is the only way God is ever known.

Remember however, if you are not pleased with the image in the mirror, the way you change it is not by attempting to go up to the mirror and alter it directly there. By changing the object in front of the mirror, does not the image in the mirror adjust itself spontaneously? So is it with that which appears to you as persons, places, things, business and so on. Your conscious world is simply the image you behold in your mirror. As you accept that to be Mind, which is truly Mind, that which is appearing to you – the world – corresponds instantly. “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” (John 12:32). The infinity that is Mind must appear in the infinity of variety that is called beauty, goodness, grandeur and so forth.

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