The Power of Unity


In 1889, to her March class Mrs. Eddy said, “We, today, in this classroom, are enough to convert the world if we are of one Mind.” On another occasion she declared, “A small group of wise thinkers is better than a wilderness of dullards and stronger than the might of empires.”

Have you ever contemplated the meaning of a gathering of real Christian Scientists—real metaphysicians—with one accord, in one place, with one Mind; the accord, the accord of Mind; the place, the presence of Mind; and that Mind, God? What cannot right knowing, devout prayer, accomplish? Mind is All-in-all and there is no limitation to the love and blessing it showers upon its own idea.

Nothing can thwart the power of right knowing to bring to light the millennium, the understanding of man’s eternal oneness with good.

Realizing this, how naturally then would Mrs. Eddy declare, “To affirm anything is to assert its possibility—to assert it even in the face of all contrary evidence,” and also, “by affirming that to be true, but which to all human reasoning or sight seems not to be true at all, you can bring it to pass.” What can oppose Mind? Does not the allness of Mind make every affirmation of truth instantly available? Of course it does.

What a wealth of achievement this knowledge offers us. Think of it! By affirming that which is true we can bring it to pass.

The heart’s desire sees its fulfillment in this understanding, this scientific statement of fact. Think what it means to be able to affirm anything that is true, and to know that your affirmation is the seeing its actual presence, and that not an instant intervenes between affirming that which is true and seeing it, and that even when all human reasoning declares it otherwise. Mind speaks and it is done. As the Psalmist said, “Who is so great a God as our God?”

What a vista of success and achievement is unfolded to each one through this promise of oneness with all good!

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