The Way Evil Argues


Evil’s argument follows practically the same lines as any other argument, the only difference being that evil, through its channels of malicious minds, argues silently.

Because the arguments of evil are silent, they are not less persuasive than arguments that are audible. An audible argument is more easily refuted than a silent one, because it is out in the open where it can be seen, while the silent argument may be operating with you when you are least aware of it, and are not on your guard. Its subtle attacks are felt in your body, in your home, your business affairs and your world conditions. So be on your guard; keep awake to the fact that any argument, whether it comes as your own thought or as the thought of another, is always malicious mind’s argument, if it starts with effect and not cause, if it comes as some person, place or thing that is wrong.

This malicious argument will present itself in any and every way that can harass and distress you. It may appear as physical suffering, business losses, family discord or any suggestion that can make you doubtful of your ability to succeed in your purpose, whether it be healing a case of sickness or achieving success in any line. Its arguments will be directed especially toward discouraging you and embittering your disposition. It will suggest that you are of no possible use; that you cannot heal, or if you do heal, that it is only temporary and the discord will return. Mrs. Eddy has repeatedly drawn attention to these, as well as to many similar arguments.

How much attention have you given to what she has so forcefully exposed? Do you continue with the same old routine, or are you daily becoming more alert to what is taking place, no longer thinking that it is you who conjure up these impossible arguments? You must be positive that it is not a person, a place, or a thing that is at work, but malicious mind, the ever-operating affectation of malicious mind, masquerading as intelligent power.

If someone were audibly arguing with you, it could not seem more real than the silent argument of malicious mind endeavoring to make you accept its lies as your own mental volition. It argues just as directly, vigorously and forcefully as a good lawyer arguing a case. It uses every cunning device to deceive you into believing that you yourself are the originator of your disturbed thinking, and, should it succeed, you become its voice and its servant. As a Christian Scientist, you must not and cannot yield to such a palpable fraud. To do so would be fatal to your health, harmony and progress.

Mrs. Eddy counseled her students. “First, find out what error is trying to do. Second, keep it from doing it. Third, see that it is not done.”

To destroy the negative arguments, the spirit of Truth and Love must be present and realized. Every presentation of sin, disease, death, and limitation, and every finite sense of person, place and thing, as entity apart from God, must be translated back to God, the one Mind, that God may be found All-in-all.

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