There Is No Death

Shortly before the passing of my husband, I had a strange but precious experience I would like to relate. I had gone out and was driving my car, when without any apparent reason, I made a complete U-turn in the middle of a block, and returned home. I rushed in the door and there I found my husband sitting in his chair, lifeless. I mentally uttered the statement, “Dear God, what should I do now?!”

I looked through the doorway out into the garden, and as I did so, I was reminded of the statement, “There is no death.” I noticed then my husband’s eyelashes began to move! He sat up, and I helped him into the kitchen. I prepared him some lunch, and when we sat down, he put his hand on mine and said, “Dear, do you know what happened?” Of course, I was speechless because I knew something tremendous was going on! Then he said, “There is no death, and I have proven it by coming back and telling you so!” He told me when he realized he had made the change, his one thought was, “I must go back and tell you what has happened.” Then he said, “When you came in and found me on the chair you said ‘God what shall I do now?’ I tried to tell you — here I am! — but you looked right through me and then I knew the only way I could prove this to you was by sitting back in my chair.”

He continued by saying, “This I cannot do again because I must go and not come again.” I asked him, “Will you see our friend D?” He said, “She never left you.” And I asked again, “Will you see your mother?” and he replied, “I have already talked with her.”

Then he tried to tell me how wonderful it was, but I could not understand. He asked me to promise him two things; one was — do not grieve, because there is no separation — and the other — do not be offended by anyone, for they do not know you as you really are; if they did they would love you.

He ate the lunch I had prepared for him, and shortly after that quietly finished his course. I found his body in the bathroom, but knew even before I found him that he was gone.

I have never doubted his ascension. I have never been to the grave or even sent a flower there.

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