From Christian Science Its “Clear Correct Teaching” by , page 292-293

Weather is the belief that atmospheric conditions produce a variety of climates, good and bad.

Mind, embracing all action, includes all atmospheric action or condition.

Then, is not all weather as directly subject to understanding as is a mathematical problem?

Is not even the simplest mathematical problem the appearance of mathematical perfection in embryo, and is not the solution present with the problem?

Any weather condition is the omnipresence of the perfection of weather, interpreted finitely. Christian Science interprets it correctly and bad weather gives place to good, for it is not the weather that is bad.

When you destroy the belief that malicious mind is, with the realization that God alone is Mind, the hypnotic suggestion of a belief of bad weather vanishes. In its place is seen exactly the right heat, cold, rain, or whatever is required to best show forth the perfection of weather as the presence of God.

Thus as the voice of God you speak with absolute authority to every belief of weather, and prove that “even the winds and the sea obey him.”

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