A Case Of Healing

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False belief does not and cannot continue itself in consciousness when it is once admitted to be belief only, and not a condition of the body.

A woman had a withered, helpless arm caused by accident. She had exhausted the resources of all the local practitioners, and whenever a lecturer came to the city she talked with them and had some treatments, but to no avail. She traveled much with her husband, and whenever they came to a large city, she immediately hunted up a practitioner, went to him, rehearsed all about this arm and had some help, but to no avail.

Finally, they arrived in New York City, and as soon as they were settled in their hotel, she got out her Journal, because above everything else she wanted that arm healed. She found a name and made an appointment. But as she sat waiting, she said to herself, “I will not tell about this arm another time. I’m tired of repeating that over and over, and it’s only belief anyway,” the saying of which meant little to her.

She said to the practitioner, “You know God heals, don’t you? You know that He can heal anything?” The practitioner answered her, “Why yes, God heals by revealing to us that any seeming imperfect thing is always whole, and false belief cannot keep us from knowing things as they are, perfect and whole.”

He gave the woman a treatment and showed her out of the office. When once outside, she found her arm restored in size and activity, as perfect as her other arm. She had let go her false belief, and her first step in that direction was taken when she resolved not to acknowledge it again. Any wrong belief can be given up “without hindrance from the body.” (S&H 253:23).

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