The world will never know a greater business executive than Jesus. No red tape prevented him from making delivery of the loaves and fishes, the wine at the wedding feast, and the tax money instantly. Jesus knew nothing about delay or future delivery. Jesus recognized omnipresent good at hand, and the only thing at hand.

Every activity of the divine Mind is primarily a business activity, and is wholly mental. Humanly speaking, every activity of the divine Mind is for the purpose of supplying wants and needs of mankind. There is nothing going on in the whole world but business activity. Business of every name and nature is infinite activity; and like Jesus, the business of each one of us is to utilize, show forth, and be this activity of the divine Mind.

Since we are not separate from God, our own Mind, we are not something separate from our business. Our very nature and being is dominion, is possession, is expression, is evidence. We embody opportunity, capacity, ability. Since we express the infinitude of the divine Mind, then whenever a higher realization of business appears to our consciousness, there appears also the evidence of a better business.

Businessmen often think their business is regulated by the government, or by adverse circumstances over which they have no control. But in reality, business is governed by divine Principle alone. We include our business in our thought, and it depends upon the consciousness we entertain about it. We are not in our business, our business is in us — in our thinking. The only way in which we can change business conditions is to change our own thinking. There is nothing enacted by outside circumstances that can interfere with our business.

We control our business through the understanding that business is mental and spiritual and governed by divine Mind, or our business controls us through our belief that it is apart from us and is material and governed by many minds. We control our business with the truth we entertain, or our business controls us through the beliefs we entertain.

Relationship in business always “rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle.” Divine Principle has infinite ways and means with which to supply the businessman. These ways and means are open, free, and unobstructed. They operate as reciprocal laws of Being that coordinate and are fitly joined together. What is apparent to human thought as one person or thing supplying the need of another person or thing, is the reciprocal law of Being, reflecting the wholeness of itself to each individual expression of itself. We should, more and more, recognize and utilize this reciprocal law of Being that is ever in operation in our behalf and the behalf of those with whom we deal.

These deeper things of Mind are not always easy to comprehend, but they will unfold to those who have eyes to see, and ears to hear. There are some who will go along in the usual grooves of mortal thought for another season, but there are many who will rise to heights before unknown.

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