Expressing Divine Intelligence


There is an insistent demand that we as human beings express a higher and more active intelligence. We are intelligent humans only as we express divine Intelligence. And in the measure that we express divine Intelligence, we are not human beings, but are divine beings.

As the facts of divine Intelligence are better understood, there takes place a great uncovering of the false beliefs in the so-called human mind, and a corresponding desire to free itself from its self-imposed materiality and bondage.

One of the first false beliefs of the human mind to be uncovered is that all seeming troubles are not outside of us, but are wholly within the human mind. These seeming troubles are purely mental — never physical — they are never apart nor outside the human mind. Another false belief that is being uncovered is that the multitudinous troubles of the human mind are not personal troubles, but are deflections of reality.

Take, for example, the mental agitations and disturbances we often experience when confronted with some unpleasant circumstance. These false emotions are not personal but are the deflections of the one and only emotion of divine Intelligence. And when we correct our thought in regard to them, we must know that they are deflections only, and never facts of divine Intelligence.

Mrs. Eddy once said to a group of us that we should never permit ourselves to react with intensity to every unpleasant thing. She meant that we should so discipline our individual thought with the truth of being, until we could stand in the presence of seeming error, mentally unmoved and steadfast in our faith in divine Intelligence. And why should we be moved by that which is deflection only? Mrs. Eddy says in the foreword to First Church of Christ, Scientist and Miscellany, “intelligent thinking untainted by the emotionalism which is largely self-glorification — is a reasonable service which all Christian Scientists can render their Leader.”

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