God Governs the Universe


Omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent God governs the universe harmoniously and eternally, and in this government there are no evil organizations that can govern or influence men or nations erroneously. Reason and logic show us conclusively that what appears as a human being with life and intelligence in and of himself, is none other than Mind’s presence. Divine Mind has unfolded Himself out into this particular so-called personality. All there is to any personality, or all there is to anything this personality may seem to be or to do, is divine Mind, Himself being and doing it. Therefore, man cannot be governed or influenced by anything but the divine Mind.

Christian Scientists, as exponents of Truth, have sufficient understanding to protect those at the head of our government, to protect our nation, and to protect all nations. We should clearly discern that any nation and all nations, our government and all governments, reflect wisdom and intelligence, and cannot be influenced erroneously.

Since we embrace our civilization, our government and our universe in our thought, we should know that our true thought, or Truth, governs all harmoniously. Let us rid our thought of hate, malice, and anger. Let us rid our thought of rivalry and contention and maintain a clearly defined mental position based on Truth.

Such realization of Truth is the law of annihilation to the belief of destruction, devastation and death. When we take the mental position that God is all, then man in His image and likeness cannot be an instrument through which hypnotism, suggestion and deception can work. A position that God is all is a law of annihilation to the belief of fear, contention, or animal magnetism of whatever nature. When we take the mental position that God and man is one Being, this basic Truth is a law of education, enlightenment, and discernment of the divine Presence, expressed as the idea of infinite Love. “Love is the liberator.” (S&H)

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