Handling Mental Malpractice


We must make nothing of mortal beliefs and mental malpractice. See the nothingness of these bland or aggressive denials of Truth and handle them with ever increasing intelligence and effectiveness. But at the same time, let us be wise in dealing with them.

Evil or error or belief is not something, but is always nothing. It is not something that one fights or rejects or ejects. If we have something that we must reject or struggle to eject, we are making a reality of it. It is incorrect, not to say foolish, to imagine all sorts of evil, and then to proceed to work against the creations of our own imagination!

Each student should realize the mighty power of his own thought reflected from God and from no other source. We as students of Christian Science, are demonstrating the scientific Truth of the omnipotence of God, and we should never allow any fear of any opposition to enter our thought. If we let in fear of some opposition, we mesmerize ourselves in the name of a supposed foe. Then we feel the effects of our own fear and lack of belief in the supremacy of God. To know that there is one Power, and this the power of God, should be an ever present fact to us. The only carnal sense we have to overcome is our own. We never need to be troubled with the sense of some external power.

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