No Malpractice


Will you carry in thought four scientific facts that will help us in the consideration of our subject, “NO MALPRACTICE”?

First: Since Mind is one infinite, self-conscious Being, then everything in the universe exists because this Mind has unfolded Itself, out into all existing things, out into infinity.

Second: One infinite eternal Mind precludes the possibility of a lesser mind. Therefore, so-called mortal mind is never an entity or a mind, but is that which has no existence, does not fill space. It is ignorance or a false sense of the allness of God.

Third: We can “sense” things which we are not experiencing, which are not going on. For instance, we can “sense” that we are moving on a train that is standing still, or we can sense falling in our sleep. When we sense things which are not taking place at all, this illustrates what Mrs. Eddy terms false belief or false sense. Such is all mental malpractice. Mental malpractice is something that we sense, but which is not going on at all.

Fourth: Please bear in mind that the one infinite consciousness is every individual’s consciousness. We do not have a consciousness of our own, any more than an individual ray of light has light of its own. The light of the sun is the light of every individual ray. Just so, Truth, being universal consciousness, is the consciousness of every individual.

But malpractice claims to be a universal consciousness with everything in a sense of reversion. It claims that this universal false sense consciousness is the false consciousness of every individual man and woman. This false claim is what we, as Christian Scientists, are to uncover as nothing and nobody.

We often hear Christian Scientists say quite glibly, “There is no such thing as mental malpractice.” But to know theoretically that there is no malpractice, and then talk and act as if there were such evil going on around us, is of no practical value to the student.

Conception of Malpractice Personal

We should understand that mental malpractice is false sense only, and not something that we are experiencing. Usually we believe that some person is thinking evilly about another person, thereby harming that person through this mental process.

But mental malpractice is entirely impersonal. A person has nothing to do with this false sense, and to be effectually dealt with, it must be so understood. Mrs. Eddy says, “Not to know that a false claim is false, is to be in danger of believing it; hence the utility of knowing evil aright, then reducing its claim to its proper denominator, nobody and nothing” (Mis. 108:11-14), and “then we are its master, not servant.” (Mis. 108:24-25).

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