Our Life Purpose


Mrs. Eddy records her life purpose when she says, “My life purpose is to impress humanity with the genuine recognition of practical operative Christian Science.”

There was no doubt in Mrs. Eddy’s mind that she had a definite purpose in life to fulfill, and what this purpose was. No matter what others might do, this was definitely fixed and accomplished in her thought, and she knew that she must follow this definite direction in life, in order to fulfill her divine purpose.

When we recognize the magnitude of her purpose, what it has meant in our lifetime to have an unfailing, ever-operative Science to apply to our human affairs, we may well marvel, and express our gratitude for this blessing that has appeared to us in our world.

Mrs. Eddy had a clear sense of the signification of so-called human experience. She recognized that no one ever was born out of due time. She knew that she had a definite purpose to fulfill and she knew that she had the power and intelligence from God with which to fulfill that purpose.

Are we, as Christian Scientists, awake to the fact that we, too, have a definite life-purpose? Are we following a definite direction in life in order to fulfill this divine existence?

We should be deep thinkers, and envision happier days for the human family. As individual Christian Scientists, we need a greater love for God and a greater love for man in our hearts, in order that our sublime life-purpose may be carried out. Each one of us has a sublime task to perform. We should so live, and so love, that God or Truth is made comprehensible to us, and that we may hear His voice saying, “This is the way, walk ye in it.” (Isaiah 30:21)

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