Our Practice Governed by Our Viewpoint

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Spiritual Vision

The patriarchs and prophets based their mental position on spiritual vision. What, to others at that time, seemed to be ordinary human conditions and events, these men interpreted according to spiritual vision, and placed upon the conditions and events an entirely different value than was placed upon them by the mind that was unenlightened spiritually.

These men lived life and practiced life based upon their spiritual vision of men and things, with the result that they exercised spiritual power. They brought water from the rock; they fed the hungry with barley loaves and corn; and they raised the dead. They gave proof or evidence of their spiritual power.

All Troubles Result From An Incorrect Viewpoint

Each one of us is living his life today according to an incorrect viewpoint based on material sense, or according to a correct viewpoint based on Divine Science. All the seeming troubles and inharmonies in the world today result from incorrect viewpoints, and we have these wrong viewpoints because we base our interpretations of everybody and everything upon the beliefs of material sense. Wrong interpretation always results in a wrong viewpoint.

There is nothing wrong with our world, or with the people living in our world. It is our mental interpretation that is erroneous, and causes us to think and act from incorrect viewpoints.

When our individual interpretations are based on the facts of Being, our thought is divine Intelligence and like the patriarchs of old, we see what the unillumined mind cannot see, a perfect world and harmonious experiences. Mrs. Eddy says, “Science reverses the evidence before the material senses and furnishes the eternal interpretation of God and man.” (S&H 461:13)

Vital Points

  1. We need within ourselves, a clearly defined mental position from which we never swerve.
  2. We should always, not sometimes, but always interpret man and the universe from the standpoint of Divine Science, not from the standpoint of material sense.
  3. Our viewpoint is reflected in our bodies, in our business, and in all our affairs.

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