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Instruction that is Truth is a divine message to man. Truth is God or Mind in self-revelation. Truth is God Himself. Truth is the “I AM” of every individual.

While our method of scientific thinking enables the individual to see what is already perfect, it is not the thought or the thinking that makes us perfect. No! The knowing of Truth is Truth Itself, and is the perfection. To really know the Truth is being the Truth.

One’s individual perfection and harmony, health, and supply are not to be created or acquired through any method of thinking. Absolutely not! But through scientific thinking we find ourselves already perfect, a perfection that embraces infinite good, harmony, health, supply, here and now.

Instruction that is Truth trains the human mind to look upon things as they should be seen, as they really are. Truth is our Life, our Mind.

Scientific thinking enables us to know that the divine idea, or the thing that is in heaven is the same thing at hand on earth. That is, our perfection, our harmony, health, sight, hearing and supply that are realities in the unseen or in heaven, is the same harmony, health, sight, hearing, supply, that we experience in our earthly existence. These realities that exist in Mind or heaven are continued out into expression as our human experiences on earth. If these realities are present in heaven, they do not have to be brought into human existence or brought to earth by means of thinking. Earth is the expression of heaven, therefore the good in human existence is the expression of reality. They are one and the same thing.

Does not impersonal Truth, the “I AM” of each one of us, say, Do not I fill heaven and earth? Am I not expressed in earth as in heaven? Are not the visible expressions of Mind, and Mind, one and the same? What we call our daily experiences all have their source in heaven. Our health, harmony, happiness and supply ever abide in God, our own Mind, or our own Being, and are realized and expressed in daily living. There is no evil in all-inclusive reality, for “the darkness and the light (the human concept of reality) are both alike to Thee.” (Psalms 139:12)

All human good and the good that is reality, one and the same good. Our human concept of good approximates the one good in proportion to our comprehension of the spiritual fact, that our human good is the one good. “Enable us to know, as in heaven, so on earth.” (S&H 17:2)

Scientific thinking, or knowing the Truth is the experience itself, which to our comprehension may appear as the desired wholeness, desired employment. Individual man, being God’s or Mind’s idea of Himself, is as complete, as active, and as employed as is God, his Mind. Let us then individually think, and act, as if we were what we are.

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