There is mass mesmerism connected with the problem of supply which we, as students, cannot afford to ignore. Because of our ignorance of the realities of existence, there is the almost universal mesmerism which causes us to believe, consciously or unconsciously, that God or Mind has little to do with supply. There is the belief that our supply is almost entirely in the hands of other persons, and little in our own hands, or the hands of God.

There is the belief that our income, our position, our employment are disconnected from us and are at the mercy of others, and that we, in and of ourselves, have little power over these things. It is almost a prevailing belief that our business is dependent upon the activities of other persons, upon the activity of our government, or of nations, or international conditions, and that it is entirely out of God’s hands.

But in the proportion as we understand the coordination of all things, the reciprocal law of divine Being, and our inseparable oneness with God, our own Mind, we will free ourselves from all this mass mesmerism. Mind is unifying, cooperative, and reciprocal because one Mind only is unfolding itself out into infinity.

Everything in the universe belongs to God, to Mind; everything is in His hands; everything of which we are conscious has its being, its substance, and all its activities, in the one divine Principle. Likewise, everything in the universe belongs to us. Each one of us is an individual expression of Infinity, and consequently each one of us possesses all the glories of heaven and earth.

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