Unfolding Ideas


It is the unfolding spiritual ideas and their identities, and not organs, which determine the outward and actual of my present so-called human body. These unfolding spiritual ideas act upon the false beliefs in my thought about body until these false beliefs yield to the truth of the unfolding ideas.

Conscious unfolding ideas is the substance of my heart, and my stomach and of every organ I know humanly; and is the outward and the actual of my human body, when determined by these unfolding ideas, and not by material beliefs.

As it is with the so-called human body, so it is that these conscious unfolding ideas determine the outward and actual of business, church, home, nation, human efficiency, or anything of which I am conscious. It is well to remember that spiritual ideas always “determine the outward and the actual,” and that the spiritual “dominates all matter.” (See S&H 254:22; 97:18)

Everything of which I am conscious is the spiritual fact of which the belief is about. The unfolding idea is phenomena and determines the human phenomena by acting upon human beliefs. As the right idea acts upon the human beliefs, it brings out better phenomena because of better beliefs.

Conscious unfoldment of right ideas is the vitalizing quality of my present body; unfoldment of spiritual ideas is the stimulus and substance of my present body. My present body is not a changeable body, because its substance is the substance of unchangeable spiritual ideas, and not the substance of matter. Discernment of spiritual ideas is the essence of my conscious at-one-ment with God, and is my body. The realization of the allness of Spirit is the energy, vitality, and virility of my so-called human body. My body is an immortal body because it is the conscious, eternal identity of divine Mind. Unfolding spiritual idea is the buoyancy, symmetry, strength, and vigor of my so-called human body.

God, or divine Mind, is always feeding and clothing my body in better garments of thought which are manifest as the outward and actual. Mrs. Eddy says, “The divine Mind, which forms the bud and blossom, will care for the human body, even as it clothes the lily.” (S&H 62:22)

My present body is the “Word made flesh.” The fact of the reality of flesh and bones exists in the divine Mind, so we have no antagonism to flesh and bones. We make flesh of the normal beliefs such as eating, sleeping, breathing, hearing, etc. until the spiritual ideas unfold to us in their fullness and completeness.

Our present state of consciousness is made up largely of God’s ideas and some false beliefs. And as more of God’s ideas unfold and are revealed to us, our present consciousness will have less of false beliefs in it until finally our present consciousness is the God consciousness.

In the God-body there are no false beliefs, no pain, or inflammation, or inaction, or overaction to be objectified. The God-body is complete; nothing can be added to it, and nothing can be taken from it.

The infinite consciousness, or God-body, does not lack any masculine or feminine qualities. It is every whit whole. It embodies within itself all life, joy, purity, satisfaction, and abundance.

The embodiment of the God-body is my individual body, or, the God-body is what I am as individual man.

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