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War (excerpt)

Mortals may say, “What is the remedy for the multitudinous problems of the world?” We know that men evolve and formulate wise laws and just agreements, which to some extent relieve the world’s troubles, but mankind is absolutely powerless to change the human heart, from which every form of evil springs. Christ, Truth, Love alone, can do this.

The hope of the world lies in a higher power than human greatness and might. Human wisdom and ability cannot save the world in the perilous hour, but deliverance will come from the Lord who made heaven and earth. And let us remember that “The Lord” is the right idea, or true consciousness, which we entertain concerning all things. The thinking of right thoughts or spiritual ideas is the only power in the universe.

We should not be dismayed at man’s apparent helplessness. These days are teaching us, universally, the need of divine help. The call of this hour is that man shall return to God, or Truth, because Truth is the only remedy for human ills, and as Christian Scientists we should be giving more attention to spiritual values and moral excellency than ever before. The supreme need in the world, today, is a religion that will lead the people to almighty God and unchangeable Truth, and this religion is the Science of Mind, or Christian Science.

Perhaps the most important of all Truth for us to understand today, is that God has chosen us to live in these very years. Just as much so, as it was in divine order that Jesus appeared to humanity in his age, and that Mrs. Eddy appeared to humanity in her age. Out of the billions of persons seemingly born to other ages, we have been chosen to live in this present time, and be present at the christening of a new age.

Old things and old conditions are passing away. “Behold, I create all things new.” The world of mortals is chaotic, it is the breaking up of old beliefs. We see the sign of the coming of the Son of man in all the fluctuations and changes that are taking place today. We are not afraid, but rather do we rejoice that the long night of materialism is fading, and the dawn of a new spiritual day is at hand.

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