“Christian Science: What it is and how it works” – excerpt


God is Spirit and man must be like his creator. Certainly no one in this enlightened age would contend that Deity is corporeal, for this would amount to a denial of His omnipresence. Tradition says that when the Roman legions entered Jerusalem, Pompey, their commander, striding through the temple, tore aside the curtain from the Holy of Holies, intent on viewing the Hebrew God. He had expected, presumably, to find a magnificent image or statue. He found — nothing that the eye can discern. He stood face to face with the sublime conception of God invisible.

Less than a century afterward Jesus, conversing with the Samaritan woman at the well, defined the unseen God as Spirit. In our own times Mrs. Eddy has more definitely proclaimed Him Mind, Life, Love, Principle.

This concept of Deity is not only in conformity with Scripture but it satisfies reason and silences the unbeliever. For no one supposes that things just happen without cause or direction. There is law, intelligence, purpose underlying and directing all things. And the universal Mind, Life, Love and Principle, underlying, animating, and directing all things is God; and man is God’s noblest witness or expression.

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