Dignity of Work and Business


Anyone in need of a job will be greatly helped by keeping in mind the fact that he has been created for a useful purpose, that there is opportunity awaiting him, that divine intelligence is operating through him, and will direct him to where the work is, and equip him with the ability to do it. He mustn’t stop with simply trying to realize these truths. He must act upon them. He will prepare himself for work, he will look for it, expecting to find it, and willingly accept it when found. Human footsteps are necessary. Simply reading and contemplating the facts of Science, however inspiring they may be, is not enough. They must be put into action.

You’ve seen pictures of the surf riders of the South Seas. They seem to lean back on an unseen power and receive its impulse and propulsion. They glide over the waves with as much assurance as others walk the city streets.

You can cultivate the habit of leaning back on all-knowing Mind, and permitting it to give you direction. This Mind will keep you from making mistakes, out of danger. It will release in you thoughts which will enable you to build a better business, or have a finer career than you have yet attained. Mind may impart to you some idea which will enable you to launch an entirely new enterprise in some unexplored field, where there is no competition.

If the unemployed will lean back on Mind, it will direct them to where they are needed. Every individual is needed. No one has been put on earth for idleness. God has an active career for each of His men and women. He has a vital purpose for every one of us, a purpose that cannot be frustrated.

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