Expanding Your Horizon


So you have been doing a little quiet reflection and have been surprised with what has come to thought. Well try it again. Lie down and look out into the world. Look over the housetops, even over the treetops.

Contemplate the marvelous peace and order. Not a single jar anywhere. Picture Life, unfettered and in­finitely varied; consider Mind adequate to direct the world in all its detail; recognize underlying Principle, animate and pervading, which sustains and governs all.

Think of the power and magnitude of Life and of Mind, their fullness and their everywhereness. Yes, be absent from the body and present with the Lord. And in this contemplation come back to yourself and recognize that you are part of the sum total of all this grandeur.

You are nothing less than an aggregation of the qualities of the Eternal, which make you His image and likeness. You are the I am that.

What of the grief and disappointments, the symp­toms of disease or of age? They are lying impositions. There is no Principle to support them. There is no Life or substance, not a particle, in them all. There is no Mind to think or conceive them; no mentality of yours to feel or experience them.

No, you say, I am not that sick I am. I am that I am which I feel when I look over the mountaintops. I am of that Life which never began, will never fail, will never end.

I am intelligence adequate to my everyday needs, adequate to carve out the career the Almighty has planned. There are no impedimenta in my way to a satis­fying and continuing existence.

I can do all things through that spirited energy which surges through me, that vital Principle at work in my economy. I am interknit with Principle. I share its power, its wisdom, its achievement. I and Principle are one. Nothing is impossible to a man of Principle.

I say all this, not out of my own will and discern­ment, but out of the understanding of that Mind which is everywhere, even to my innermost parts. I acknowledge all these advantages, not through any sense of brag­gadocio, but through the grace of an all-sympathetic Governor of the Universe who withholds no good thing from His people.

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