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God Governs the Nations


In these troubled times, each individual can do something to help the situation. He can insist that the Lord God omnipotent reigns. This is another way of saying that Principle governs the world and the nations, governs business and industry, governs man and his affairs, nullifying unprincipled forces which would upset society, wreck business, start wars, or otherwise interfere with man’s well-being. It’s time to face these devastating influences, not in alarm, but with the assurance that they are powerless to defeat God’s grand destiny for humanity. Amidst the harsh noises of the day, each one can, with the aid of Christian Science, walk the earth in dignity and in confidence.

On different occasions Jesus passed unseen through threatening crowds; entered rooms without opening doors; fed great numbers of people with a few loaves and fishes. Human limitations were made nothing by this man of Galilee. And this can be proved by anyone who understands, as Jesus did, that man and the universe are spiritual.

To this man, walls vanish; distance recedes; lack is swallowed up in plenty; danger passes into safety. In the spiritual realm of the real, there are no obstructions, no restrictions, no mortality. Hindrances, danger, privations exist only to material sense. And they will disappear as the human mentality gives place to the divine Mind, and material sense yields to spiritual sense. To God’s man, safety and peace are natural, and he walks the earth in serenity.

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