God Proportions Man


The temple of the living God cannot be less than perfect in outline, can it? And you are the temple of the living God. Certainly the extra weight will fall away. It is mental, is it not?

Keep in thought that active Principle operates throughout your being. This compels all the functions of your body to behave. Do not forget that the lines are fallen to you in undeviating comeliness. In other words, you are perfectly proportioned, and that right now.

It is your belief in matter that works the mischief. The unusual appetite will subside, when you recognize that the Almighty is in the midst, controlling all your desires, emotions, thoughts, and functions.

You know, God is so very close to you, that He and you are one, which ensures that you can be as sensible and well-disciplined as He is. You can no more lose your form divinely fair than He can.

The master Architect who built you, insured His work—guaranteed that it would not swell or warp, or in any way get out of line. So, the undeniable fact is, you are perfect now, uniform and balanced, not too heavy, and not too thin.

You may be sure that God not only gave you a perfect form, but protected it against any subsequent encroachment. You see, there is an undeviating law, which not only fashions you in perfection, but forever holds you there. There is no power anywhere to interfere with that fine structure of yours by adding a single unnecessary pound.

Now get busy in your own behalf. Think the above truths and dwell on them. Talk them to yourself, hour by hour, day by day. Expect results.

As your thought becomes clarified, consciousness will form a perfect body. It is a case of “O Life that maketh all things new.”

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