Health Development


It is man’s responsibility to be well, just as it is, to be normal intellectually and ethically. Certainly there is no virtue in being ill; neither is there any necessity for it. Sickness and suffering have sometimes been thought to be a part of man’s destiny, a divine visitation, having mysterious functions to perform in accordance with God’s will. Yet there are few people who do not struggle to escape from disease, even though professing to believe that God has imposed it. However, many are coming to see that God no more sends His people sickness than He does sin.

A God who is perfect, fashions all things in perfection; a Creator who is good makes all things good; a Supreme Being who is Love does not send forth suffering and affliction. This good God sends only joy and peace and happiness. Reason tells us that this is true; inspiration, the “still small voice” of spiritual consciousness, confirms it, and Christian Science demonstrates this fact, by brushing aside the illegitimate claims of disease, and establishing in their place, a sense of health and harmony.

When we accept disease as real, we fight it with little success. But when we face it, with the conviction that God never conceived or produced it, and therefore it is nothing beyond a base belief, we are well on the way to its final overthrow and extinction.

How important to the individual, then, that he empty his mind of sick, abnormal, hateful and unwholesome thoughts, and fill it with healthful, normal, kindly, and wholesome thoughts, because as his thoughts are, so is he. Truth, when thought or declared, becomes dynamic. It goes forth on its corrective mission with irresistible energy and power, sweeping aside fictitious beliefs of disease to make room for the facts of health.

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