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How Can You Help Yourself?


God is life, and life is everywhere, and you are life expressed. Tell yourself, and do so frequently, that you are the temple of the living God, the place of health, strength, freedom, buoyancy, and confidence. Say to yourself, “I am the temple of the living God; the Lord is in His holy temple, let this world of pain and trouble be still. I am eternal Life on exhibition. I am the place where all-knowing Mind is diffusing courage, wisdom, resourcefulness, keenness of vision, and soundness of judgment. I just have no capacity for failure or sickness.”

You are always talking to yourself, and much of the time, if not careful, you are saying what is not true — how old you are getting, how useless you are, how discouraged you feel, and how much you suffer. Every time you think or declare one of these untruths, you add to the mesmerism which is already weighing you down. You would not make another person have any of these distresses, and surely, God would not. Stop telling yourself these lies. Refuse to think or argue this way, because every time you do so, you take into mentality that which will work against your welfare.

The Creator has not made this dream world of weariness, sickness, depression; and you are not deceived by it. Your vision is so clear that you can look right through it and see beyond to a world of health and dominion.

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