Liquidation of Poundage


Keep in thought that active Principle operates throughout your being. This compels all the functions of your economy to behave. Hence, they can neither unduly deplete nor unduly augment your stature. Do not forget that the lines are fallen to you in undeviating comeliness. In other words, you are duly proportioned—and that right now. Certainly the avoirdupois will fall away. It is mental, is it not? Therefore, keep reminding yourself how queenly you are. This is a dynamic truth, and the truth, when declared, is like the atomic bomb, it vaporizes the error.

Just the other day a woman wrote me of having a short lip elongated while listening to my lecture. Encouraged by this experience, she reasoned with herself about overweight, and was delighted to find her figure reduced. The fact is that woman is shapely and comely. She weighs neither too much nor too little. She is neither too tall nor too short. The temple of the living God cannot be less than perfect in outline, can it?

Well, if you cannot resist over-eating, try resisting the belief that eating will increase your weight. You see, it is your belief in the matter that works the mischief. Anyhow, the usual appetite will subside when you recognize that the Almighty is in the midst, controlling all your desires, emotions, thoughts, and functions. You know He is so very close to you that He and you are one, which insures that you can be as sensible and well-disciplined as He is, and that you can no more lose your form divinely fair than can He. Yes, you two are one. He is in you, and you are in Him, all of which spells annihilation to everything opposed to your good looks. Now, without any doubt, when Mind and Life sally forth in you, they do a very good job, that is, they build you neither too large nor too small, but just about right,–comely and easy to look at, most certainly. They give you all the courage and ability you need for making a good impression in the community and for carving out a suitable career.

The master Architect who built you insured His work—guaranteed that it would not swell or warp or in any way get out of line. So the undeniable fact is that you are in perfect trim now, uniform and balanced, not to heavy and yet not too thin.

The Maker constructed you in perfection and insured His work for an indefinite period. This goes for your faculties of sight and hearing. This goes for your, what you call your figure. He made you unalterably symmetrical, and unalterably unimpairable. Spirit does your seeing and controls your contour. You are directly under omnipotent command and enlightenment.

The heaviness will be liquidated one of these days, and without too much struggle. As your thought becomes clarified, consciousness will form a prepossessing body. It is a case of, “O Life that maketh all things new.” You ask where Principle is. It is in you. You are a perfect blend with it. You and Principle are one. Hence, your power to control situations.

You may be sure that the Creator not only gave you a comely form, but protected it against any subsequent encroachment. You see, there is an undeviating law; indeed, He is the law itself, which not only fashions you in just measure, but forever after holds you there. So keep in mind that you are well-made, well-conditioned and well-proportioned.

There is no power anywhere to interfere with that fine structure of yours by adding a single unnecessary pound. Now, get busy in your own behalf. Think out the above truths and elaborate them. Talk them to yourself hour by hour and day by day. Expect results.

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